889 Collectible Solid Silver Miniature Oenochoe / Oinochoe Vase


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Collectible Solid Sterling Silver Miniature Oenochoe / Oinochoe Vase


An oenochoe, also spelled oinochoe, (Ancient Greek: οινοχόος) is a wine jug and a key form from the classical period of ancient Greek pottery. There are many different forms of Oinochoe. The earliest is the olpe (ολπή) and has an S-shaped profile from head to foot.
It appears to have been used in antiquity. It is a single-handled vessel, usually taller than it is wide. Beazley identified ten types, based on variations of profile, mouth-type - such as trefoil (like an ivy leaf), round or beaked - and handle-form. One such is the chous (pl. choes), a plump shape with a smooth profile and trefoil mouth. Miniature versions are often found in children's graves. Their depictions are of scenes with young children.

They were also used in ancient Athens during the Anthesteria, one of the four Athenian festivals in honour of Dionysus . On the second day of the festival, named Choes, the newly-opened wine was drunk. It was a time of merrymaking, where people were in disguise of the mythical personages in the suite of Dionysus and paid a round of visits to their acquaintances. Drinking clubs met to organize drink-off matches and the winner would be the one  who drained his cup most rapidly. Others poured libations on the tombs of deceased relatives.Oinochoes/Oenochoes was probably named of  this second day of Anthesteria: oinos (wine) + choes: oinochoes.

This kind of vessel with delicately curved handle and trefoil-shaped mouth, was also revived during the Renaissance and again during the Neoclassical period of the 18th century.

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Article groupOrnaments
GenderFor Him or Her
DepictionVases & Sculptures
Historic PeriodEra: Classical
MaterialSolid Sterling Silver
Length (top to bottom)55 mm (2 and 11⁄64in)
Width40 mm (1 and 37⁄64in)

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889 Collectible Solid Silver Miniature Oenochoe / Oinochoe Vase

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