708/A Sterling Silver Asia-Minor Yatagan Sword Brooch


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Sterling Silver Asia-Minor Yatagan Sword Brooch

 The yatagan or yataghan is a type of Turkish sword used from the mid-16th to late 19th centuries.It was really a long knife and consisted of a single-edged blade with a marked forward curve and a hilt formed of plaques attached through the tang, the end of the hilt being shaped like large ears. The blade varies from 60 to 80 cm in length and is curved forward (like the Iberian falcata, or Greek kopis), sometimes reclining backwards again towards the very end. While the back of the blade is made of softer steel, the sharp edge is made of hard, tempered steel for durability.Sophisticated artwork on both the hilt and the blade can be seen on many yatagans displayed today, indicating considerable symbolic value. Having no guard, the yatagan fitted closely into the top of the scabbard; this was customarily worn thrust into a waist sash, retained by hook.

 The yatagan was extensively used in Turkey and in areas under Turkish influence, such as the Balkans. Its history and appearance in medieval times is not known since the earliest recorded examples, made from iron, date from the 16th century.

 The majority of yatagans date from the period 1750-1860, and from the number of plain, wooden-hilted weapons they were honest fighting weapons as well as ornate parade weapons. Occasionally blades were cut down from broadswords or cavalry swords, but in general the forward-curving single-edged blade was used. Verses in gold or silver are often laid along the blade. Various hilt materials, such as wood, bone,ivory and silver, were used.
( source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yatagan )

Data sheet
Article groupBrooches
GenderFor Him or Her
DepictionYatagan sword
Historic PeriodEra: Hellenic Asia-Minor
MaterialSolid Sterling Silver
Length (top to bottom)17 mm (43⁄64in)
Width55 mm (2 and 11⁄64in)

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708/A Sterling Silver Asia-Minor Yatagan Sword Brooch

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