600 Greek Harp/Lyre (Lyra) - musical instrument


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Greek Lyre (Lyra) - Harp, musical instrument

The lyre (from Greek λύρα - lyra) is a stringed musical instrument well known for its use in classical antiquity and later. The recitations of the Ancient Greeks were accompanied by lyre playing. The lyre of Classical Antiquity was ordinarily played by being strummed with a plectrum, like a guitar or a zither, rather than being plucked, like a harp. The fingers of the free hand silenced the unwanted strings in the chord. The lyre is similar in appearance to a small harp, but with certain distinct differences.
According to ancient Greek mythology, the young god Hermes created the lyre from a slaughtered cow from Apollo's sacred herd, using the intestines for the strings - eventually Apollo discovered who had stolen his herd, but Hermes was forgiven after he gave Apollo the instrument. Lyres were associated with Apollonian virtues of moderation and equilibrium, contrasting with the Dionysian pipes and aulos, both of which represented ecstasy and celebration.

For more information visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyre

Data sheet
Article groupBrooches
GenderFor Her
DepictionMusical Lyre
Historic PeriodEra: Classical
MaterialSolid Sterling Silver
Length (top to bottom)40 mm (1 and 37⁄64in)
Width31 mm (1 and 7⁄32in)

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600 Greek Harp/Lyre (Lyra) - musical instrument

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