308/GPL Agammemnon Mask Gold plated sterling silver


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Ancient artifact brooch Gold Mask of Agamemnon: Mycenae

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The original mask is a gold funeral mask, and was found over the face of a body located in a burial shaft (grave V). Schliemann believed that he had discovered the body of the legendary Greek leader Agamemnon, and from this the mask gets its name. However, modern archaeological research suggests that the mask is from 1500-1550 BC, which is earlier than the traditional life of Agamemnon. In spite of this, the name remains. The mask is currently displayed in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

A stunning reproduction of one of the most famous gold treasures of all time.
Allegedly the burial mask of king Agamemnon (the mighty Mycenean king most famous for his enormous conquest upon Troy) dating back to the 16th Century BC.

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The mask was uncovered by Heinrich Schliemann, the German archaeologist in 1876 in Mycaenae (in southern Greece).

According to accounts of Schliemann himself, upon opening the king's burial tomb on the excavation site, the archaeologist and those present in the room actually got a glimpse of agamemnon's face that had been covered from the mask and completely lost in time. Seconds later, with air getting into the sarcophagus, the ashes composing the face deteriorated instantly.
This sheet of solid 24 Carrat gold is considered to be one of the most important treasures and famous pieces of goldsmithery of all time. It can be seen today in the National Museum of Greece in Athens.

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Data sheet
Article groupBrooches
GenderFor Her
Historic PeriodEra: Minoan & Mycenean
MaterialGold-plated Sterling Silver
Length (top to bottom)40 mm (1 and 37⁄64in)
Width38 mm (1 and 1⁄2in)

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308/GPL Agammemnon Mask Gold plated sterling silver

Ancient artifact brooch Gold Mask of Agamemnon: Mycenae

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