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When you buy an item of jewelry that means something to you or want to a loved one, you sure want it to last. Jewelry was once passed down for generations partly because the quality of the jewelry itself was made to last. Today, most jewelry is only made to last until the next season. We make jewelry with the care and love it deserves, the old-school way. We are still here as a family business since 1928 because the knowledge and love for jewelry has been passed down from one generation to the next.

After you've worn a jewelry for a while and it has spent time bonding with your karma (hopefully for many years), it may need a repair if damaged by accident, or you can decide its time for a polish-up to look sparkly-new again. Send it back to us! (please be sure to contact us first for sending instructions). If it is fixable, we'll fix it for free however many years after your purchase!

In case you're wondering if we'll still be around in a few years, the answer is YES. We've been around as a business dedicated to ancient jewelry since 1928 and we plan on continuing our mission a while longer!

*If the item is faulty for any reason or arrives damaged or faulty, it should be covered by our return policy 

**Don't be shy to take us up on our commitment. In fact we are always honored to hear that customers have enjoyed their purchases to the point of damage because it means that the jewelry has been truly enjoyed.


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