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Owl of Wisdom Jewelry 

The Owl of wisdom is frequently associated to the Greek Goddess Athena and it is a symbol of her wisdom. this image of the Owl of Athena is one of the most 'classic' ancient Greek symbols as it was depicted on coins during the golden age of Pericles 461 BC to 379 BC. It was during this inspiring age of wisdom that philosophy, architecture, medicine, theater and the arts were first established as the fabric to society to set grounds to an array of social fundamentals as they are today, whilst the radical concept of 'democracy' was also first fostered. The Greek owl of Wisdom encapsulates this golden age.

The ancient Greeks demonstrated great wisdom in creating the building blocks of our modern society (inventing most of the sciences, arts and social systems) which continue to set the standard today. However they did this because they were able to understand the spiritual world as well as the physical. Their love of nature of the owl of Athena among other animals perhaps best embodies the simplicity which lit their path.

Greek Jewelry Shop's Wise owl collection is hand-made from solid silver (or gold if applicable) by some of the best Greek artisans. Each of our unique owl of wisdom rings, wise owl necklaces and wise owl bracelets is made with care and distinguished quality. Our owl jewelry collection includes several niche Greek jewelry categories for collectors and numerous ideas for men and fine men's gifts.

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