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Malia bees Jewelry 

The bees of Malia are considered one of the most definitive archaeological findings of Jewelry from the Minoan civilization. This gold bees are depicted storing away a drop of honey in a comb. The finding is displayed at the 'Heraklion' archaeological museum in Crete. It dates back more than 3800 years. Excavated by the French from the Chrysolakkos necropolis in Malia (or spelt Mallia), Crete, first published in 1930 (P. Demargne, BCH 54 (1930) pp.404-21 and pl.19)

One of the most renown jewelry designs of all time, The Bees of Malia, an incredible artifact hosted by the Heraklion museum, Crete

malia bees brooch material silver from Heraklion Museum Crete. Greek Jewelry shop. Minoan artifact



malia (mallia) bees/wasps minoan jewelry in gold

Even for today's standards the skill and craftsmanship evident on the Malia bees is phenomenal and unsurpassed and will leave any skilled jeweler breathless and bewildered from its granulated detail and extremely challenging structure. This item constitutes one of the most important and renown specimens of minoan art and in ancient jewelry on a universal scope.

Malia bees pendant, bees of malia, crete, greek jewellery

Further reading on the excavation site of Malia

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