790 Sun/Star of Macedonia mounted on bezel (large)


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The Macedonian 'sun' or 'star' (has also been described as a 'starburst' by historians) was found embossed on the solid gold larnax in the burial tomb of Philip II of Macedon (father of Alexander the Great) outside the town of Vergina in Northern Greece. The sun which remains today a well known Greek symbol was an emblem of the mighty Macedonian dynasty and possibly a religious symbol at the time of Alexander the Great. The excavations in Vergina constitute a sensational archaeological site, while the larnaca itself is today kept in a museum very close by.

The pendant is double faced (both sides are the same), has a nicely convexe shape. There is an appealing contrast between the rays that are glossy and the matt background.



Data sheet
Article groupPendants
GenderFor Him or Her
DepictionVergina sun/starburst
Historic PeriodEra: Classical
MaterialSolid Sterling Silver
Inner (coin) diameter23 mm (29⁄32in)
Diameter (excluding bails)30 mm (1 and 13⁄16in)

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790 Sun/Star of Macedonia mounted on bezel (large)

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