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Although Heracles (Hercules) was a son of Zeus, he was actually mortal because his mother Alcmene was also a mortal. He is famous in classical mythology for his godly strength and for his heroic far-reaching adventures and feats.  

Hercules, the illegitimate son of Zeus was driven mad by Hera (the wife of Zeus) as an act of her jealousy. Hercules in madness slew his own wife and his six sons. With partly recovered sanity, Hercules visited the Pythia (Oracle) at Delphi to inquire about how he could atone for his actions. The oracle advised him to go to King Eurystheus in Tirins and serve him for twelve years and do whatever the king instructed him to do. During this time, Heracles performed his twelve labours and was eventually cleansed. The feats considered impossible deeds for any mortal included the slaying of the Nemean Lion and the slaying of the 8 headed Lernaean Hydra.

In coinage, Hercules is frequently found on Alexander the Great period coins wearing the slain Nemean Lion headpiece as a battle trophy. The image was popularly associated to Alexander himself who was seen as having a piece of Heracles' strength.

Hercules knots were also a decorative ornament throughout the Hellenistic world that invoked the strength, virility and heroism of the god. 

Our rich selection of Hercules jewelry features a vast selection of finely made jewelry and signature items including Hercules Rings, Hercules necklaces and Hercules pendants as well as other silver collectibles featuring the mighty Greek demi-god.

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