Helios was a Titan god and personification of the sun (latin name Sol). He was the son of Titans Hyperion and Theia, and brother to Selene (the moon) and Eos (dawn). Helios was also a handsome god who rode his fiery chariot through the sky by day and traveled the oceans from west back to east by night. He is often mistakenly identified as the Olympian god Apollo (the light giver) but is actually a much older mythological entity.

In one famous story Helios' son Phaethon, stole the chariot of his father and lost control of it setting the earth on fire. In another, Helios upset by the men of Odysseus (Ulysses) for eating his own sacred flocks of cattle and sheep, appeals to Zeus and asks him to reward punishment on the men - or threatens to shine his light on the underworld. Zeus gives in and kills all of Ulysses' men by thunderbolt sparing just Ulysses.

The cult of sun worship is generally not commonly associated to Greek culture but to pre-Hellenic culture. Helios however was still acknowledged as a god because he was worshiped (almost exclusively) by the inhabitants of city island of Rhodes. Not only does he appear on the most ancient coinage of this Greek island, but the Colossus of Rhodes itself was made in his dedication.

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