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Goddess Athena Jewelry 

Athena is one of the most inspiring Greek gods. She is the inspiring goddess of wisdom, courage, and in inspiration itself! Athena embodied and inspired civilization, law and justice, strength, war strategy, mathematics and the arts. Finally Athena is the defender of heroes and the protectress of civilized life, including artisanal and creative activities. 

Athena is possibly the most well known Greek goddesses and one of the most celebrated and honored in ancient Greece and beyond. The Romans later called her Minerva. Athena gave birth to the olive tree and to the desire for peace. All of the her values (civilized life, strength, justice, wisdom, etc) were to be encapsulated in the city of Athens (which she also gave birth to) and which was named 'Αθηνα' in her honor. Athens was the pride of the civilized world and the city flourished in the golden age becoming the economic, military and cultural center. As Patron of this city, the Parthenon (the pinnacle of classical architecture itself) was built in her honor on top of the Acropolis hill employing more riches than any other building ever made before. Societies were predominantly male run at the time, so the conceptualization of Athena as the giver of wisdom, intelligence and creativity was extremely advanced. Athena was wiser than any of the other gods and not in the least intimidated intimidated by her male counterparts.

Goddess Athena related symbols

The symbols of the goddess is the all seeing Greek owl of wisdom and the olive branch (depicted with the goddess on several rings and coin pendants). These reflect her commitment to maintaining and promoting Wisdom, intelligence and peace. 

Depictions of Athena commonly on coins (ring, pendant and necklace depiction styles)

The style of Athena's depiction varies on coinage according to period and region (unlike most other gods she was worshiped in vary many Greek cities of the time). Ancient coins from Athens frequently depict the Greek goddess with the almond shaped eye (as old as the archaic period) and with her owl of wisdom on the reverse such as the Athenian tetradrachm. We have a dedicated sub-category of jewelry designs with Athena 'helmeted' from coins the Classical and Hellenistic period, for example on Corinthian coins Athena is depicted wearing a Corinthian helmet and with Pegasus on the reverse. In Alexander's empire she is depicted on gold Stater coins helmeted (denomination) usually with the winged goddess Nike (Victory) on the reverse.

Our goddess Athena jewelry collection 

A significant proportion of our jewellery collection is dedicated to this inspiring Goddess, comprising possibly the largest and richest selection of quality made Athena jewelry online. The quality of our Athena ring jewelry and Athena coin pendants is unsurpassed among Greek jewelry designers. Our exclusive hand-made range is populated with an extraordinary amount of ring and necklace variations devoted to Athena. It even includes several niche goddess Athena jewelry types such as brooches and male jewelry and collector's items. Hope you enjoy the largest and finest Athena collection available online!

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