Apollo was one of the most important gods of the 12 Greek gods of Olympus and with one of the most complex and multi-faceted characters. Apollo was recognized by man as a the god of music and truth. He was also the protector of healing, and associated to light, poetry, and prophesy.

As the bearer of light Apollo is considered a protector from evil, disease and misfortune. His name in ancient Greek according to Plato originates from Redemption and Purification. Because by legend he had been born on the island of Delos, the island was so sacred that no mortal was allowed to be born or to die on its earth. The Delians were very careful to uphold this sacred law. After all Apollo who had the power to heal, also had the power to spread disease and famine if he was displeased or dishonored.

Apollo is often depicted on vases and vessels playing his musical harp 'lyra'. He is a healer and a musician. The two are combined into a magic tune of healing. (Similar in Hinduism to a mantra). Music was considered to be of divine origin and used as a healing method for men and women at the many temples of Apollo.

Perhaps the most important place of worship of this god was the temple of Apollo in Delphi, which attracted the entire ancient world twice a year as a pilgrimage to his shrine and to his world famous Delphic Oracle. This was a very cosmopolitan event for the developed world and the festivities would last for days. It was here that the Oracle (a priestess dedicated to Apollo, god of prophesy) who would tell kings whether it was a good time to go to war, or investors whether it was a good time to expand their trade.

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