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Aphrodite (Venus) 

Aphrodite (Venus later by the Romans) was the goddess of Beauty. She was so beautiful that the other gods feared rivalry over her might ruin the peace and drive the gods to war. Therefore Zeus married her off to Hephaestus who was so ugly and deformed, could not possibly be seen as a threat. Despite this, Aphrodite had many lovers among which were Hermes, Aries and the handsome Adonis.

. In a fierce competition between the goddesses over the 'apple of discord' a golden apple is thrown at the goddesses inscribed 'to the fairest'. Passionately three godesses all claim the apple. These were Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, and so Zeus not wanting to get involved in this feud of his wife and daughters appoints the decision for a mortal to decide, Paris.

All 3 godesses try to bribe Paris with powers. Hera offers him power, Athena offers him wisdom glory and heroic victory over his enemies in battle and finally Venus offers him Helen.. the most beautiful mortal woman in the world. Blinded by the power of Aphrodite and by Helen's beauty, Paris chooses Helen of Troy and this leads to the Trojan wars.

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