Byzantine art jewelry 

Byzantine society was largely theocratic, however it's rich culture in jewelry making makes the period not only characteristic for the frequent depictions of crosses but also for the artistic rhythms and techniques in themselves (such as granulated jewelry) which required immense skill and discipline.

Other noteworthy iconic themes are  the monogram - (an early form of logo - to depict an institution, a motto or a notable member of society), the sensational double headed eagles and also wild and vivid geometric and naturalistic carvings and intricately ornate depictions.

The Byzantines were masters at carving and engraving metals with incredible detail and skill - possibly with far higher skill than best engravers today. Our collection of Byzantine jewelry is extremely rare because there are very few artisans remaining today in the world who are familiar with this epoch and jewelry culture. The Vaphiadis Jewelry business was founded by jewelry artisans who lived in Asia-Minor (modern day Turkey - previously Byzantium) and who fled to Greece in the 1920's. Trained in this art, they had this artistic rhythm passed down to them.

The collection composes numerous superb artifact reproductions of items found in the Byzantine museum in Thessaloniki. 

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