264/A Silver Ram's Head Torc Pendant (XXL)


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Silver Ram's Head Torc Pendant (XXL)


The Significance of the Ram:

The ram was sacred in various entwined ancient civilizations, from as far back as the Mesopotamian civilization (approx 3000 BC),  to the Etruscan, Egyptian and Greek civilizations.The peace-loving and quite mystical Minoans also revered it as an all important symbol of fertility.
Additionally, the ram was seen as the incarnation of the Egyptian god Jupiter-Ammon. When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt he visited the shrine of Ammon (or Amun). Embracing the god, upon his visit and thereon, he dressed himself celebrationaly with the skin of a  ream and the horns as a head-dress. Thereafter the horns of the ram (known as the horn of ammon) were depicted much like a crown in Alexander's portraits and depictions on Alexander's coinage.



Length: approx. 4.6 cm ( 1.8 in.)

Width: approx: 2.4 cm ( 0.9 in. )



Solid Sterling Silver

Data sheet
Article groupPendants
GenderFor Him or Her
Historic PeriodEra: Hellenistic
MaterialSolid Sterling Silver
Length (top to bottom including bails or hooks)46 mm (1 and 13⁄16in)
Width24 mm (15⁄16in)

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264/A Silver Ram's Head Torc Pendant (XXL)

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