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Greek Tragedy Mask pendant

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The mask was a necessary device for the ancient Greeks who developed the art of theater. Amongst the two main genres of Greek theater (/theatre) are comedy and tragedy, elements of which are still the fundaments of all acting today. Masks such as this were important accessories in a number of ways.

Primarily the mask provided colourful imagery as an accessory or prop (features were over-accentuated or made to look ridiculous in comedy much like caricature sketches).

Secondly, using masks helped the audience to identify the roles as often a very limited cast were used to perform multiple characters.

Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, the conical mouth shape of the masks (which were usually made of clay) helped the acoustics or 'volume' as the voice of the thespian was better projected out into towards the audience in the theater.

Ancient Greek Theater of Epidaurus , drama and comedy , ancient greek civilization

Above: The excavated theater of Epidaurus renown for its excellent acoustic architecture. The brilliant proof of the acoustic excellence here is that even today without any kind of microphone or equipment, people seated even at the edges of the seating area, can hear an actor that is standing in the centerer. The reason that there is equipment showing near the stage area is that it is still used today on special occasions. (This photo was taken by me on my visit there in July, during the yearly Epidaurus festival).

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Masks like this that were the 'microphones' of the time, can be seen in ancient historic artifact collections such as the National Museum of Greece.

This pendant  is just the drama mask (not both). It is hand made from 100% solid sterling silver by skilled artisans with an outstanding quality of work and specialization in museum artifact reproductions. It is appropriate in size and weight, beautifully finished and perhaps an ideal as gift for the theater enthusiast.

Not to be confused with thin and cheap machine-made jewelry commonly seen on the internet. This piece is top quality, hand-made made with care like the rest of our jewelry.


( Further reading on ancient greek tragedy masks: greek theater masks)

Data sheet
Article groupPendants
GenderFor Him or Her
DepictionTheater Masks
Historic PeriodEra: Classical
MaterialSolid Sterling Silver
Length (top to bottom including bails or hooks)33 mm (1 and 19⁄64in)
Width21 mm (53⁄64in)

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335 Ancient Greek Theater Silver Drama Mask

Greek Tragedy Mask pendant

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