Ancient Symbol Pendants 

Our superior quality jewelry has been preferred steadily by collectors worldwide and also by a great range of enthusiasts, ranging from travellers, historians, coin collectors, classicists. Finally and proudly over the years, a number of heads of state have purchased our items on official visits to Greece. After 80 years of specializing in the sector, we are proud to present an array of museum quality reproduction pieces which our family's forefathers have pioneered for over 4 generations of commitment.

It is perhaps of special note to point out that even though a number of these items may today have become 'familiar' jewelry designs, most of these pieces are the actual original designs which benchmarked the discovery of ancient inspired themes for the first time, and which have since become generic in the field, shaping the direction of the Hellenic jewelry sector. We are proud to honor our forefathers dedication and passion for these very items as jewelry forms by continuing to set the benchmark in Greece regarding their quality of manufacture.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 37 items


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