Gold plated Greek key (Meander) coin pendants 

This gold plated variation of our coin collection features a number of the most popular ancient coin pendants in gold plated matte-finish versions. Naturally the entire pendant material is sterling silver and the quality of these pieces matches our the rest of our items and our reputation.

As many jewelry appreciators may know, gold plated silver is quite frequently a disappointment (particularly for pendants) as the increased contact with the skin (acidity of sweat, perfumes etc) generally is known to cause gold plating to fade quickly. However from our experience the best way to do this was to allow the silver meander mount to shield and protect the inner coin from high contact. The result was even better than we expected due to the beautiful contrast created between the vivid gold color and the silver. This delightful contrasting effect is furthermore characterised by the difference between the treatment of surfaces (matte vs glossy outer Greek-Key bezel).

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Showing 1 - 21 of 32 items


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