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Coin Pendants 

Wearing silver coins as a pendant or necklace is hardly a new style. In fact Greek coins were worn as adornment and as jewelry in ancient Greece not for their value of being ancient at the time but for their beauty. Ancient coins were from precious metals (silver or gold) and carved with true skill and craftsmanship by the best artists of the time to comprise assets of value that were also wearable works of art.

Greek Jewelry Shop's fine selection of coin pendants are carefully reproduced with great expertise and a high quality of craftsmanship and have vivid detail unlike most knock-off coin pendants on the market. The actual ancient coin prototypes come the finest silver and gold artifact coins found in museums. Each pendant is produced by expert artisans in our own family workshop. Many of our silver coins travel to be offered at exclusive museum shops and jewelry shops worldwide.

Depicted on ancient silver and gold coinage were mighty kings (such as Alexander the Great) or characters from mythology, (such as the Goddess Athena, Pegasus or the owl of wisdom). Of course our coin collection is much larger than these more popular and common themes.

Besides their nominal value, coins in the ancient world also symbolized via their depiction the values and ideals of the region and period of Greek history. The potential beauty of money is possibly a little hard to understand in today's cultural viewpoint which has been affected by long lasting intermittent Judeo-Christian influences. These more likely than not, casting the complex idea of physical money itself as being ethically ambiguous, shameful and even dirty beyond the physical sense. In ancient Greek life however, as the ethics and principles of Greek philosophy and mythology were less fragmented, beauty found a sincere form of existence in coinage which went hand in hand with jewellery and adornment.  

Discover the Greek within with a Greek silver coin pendant inspired from antiquity and beyond from our vast online shop selection.

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