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412 Sterling silver Masonic 2 headed eagle cufflinks


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Following the principles of the symbol's legacy, this outstanding piece continues to be made with appropriate skill and full weight in silver by skilled artisans with the philosophy of a long lasting jewelry item of value.
This piece is identical to it's original 80+ year old extreemly rare, museum quality prototype (very small variations may occur from one piece to another as it is NOT production-line manufactured).

The symbolism of the 2-headed eagle

The double-headed eagle of Lagash is the oldest known crest in the world. It was first seen as the emblem of the power of the ancient Sumerian city of Lagash. Since then it was used by an array of cultures and fraternities for a number of symbolic purposes. Amongst these I will note a few mentionned by Phil Elam, 32° Member, "Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not" on the matter has been a most valuable source for this information.

    * The symbol is said to have been in use as a heraldic emblem upto 1000 years before the Exodus from Egypt.
    * Was a symbol of the Roman Imperial power and strength and particularly its division into 2 dominions- the East (Byzantium) and the West (Rome). The two heads facing in both directions idealised this power of unity and control.
    * The emperors of Germany also used this symbol as they claimed their empire to be the representative of ancient Rome after Charlemagne.
    *  Seljuk Turkish Sultans adopted it from the emperors of Constantinople (Byzantium)
    * Crusaders brought it to the emperors of East and West (whose successors are the Romanoffs and Hapsburgs)
    * In 1758 it was first used by Freemasonry by a body that named itself  The council of Emperors of East and West founded in Paris.
    * Sign of the 'Sovereign Prince Masons of the Rite of Perfection' as of 1801 in Charleston USA.
    * Crowned, it became the insignia of the supreme council 33°of the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite.

Data sheet
Article groupCufflinks
GenderFor Him
DepictionDouble Headed Eagles
Historic PeriodEra: Byzantine
MaterialSolid Sterling Silver
Length (top to bottom)19 mm (3⁄4in)
Width30 mm (1 and 3⁄16in)

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412 Sterling silver Masonic 2 headed eagle cufflinks

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