204 Sterling Silver band Ring with Byzantine ΠΥΡ Monogram

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This ring is part of a collection of Byzantine monograms exclusive to the Vaphiadis workshop which has been passed down through generations of our family's jewelry heritage. Little is known about the precise meaning of the specific monogram as this information has been lost in history.

The Byzantines used monograms much like later cultures used family crests, clan emblems and even logos today. In general monograms were common with people of high stature and esteemed members of the social hierarchy of the time.

Today the precise meaning is lost but what remains is a beautiful cultural relic of a lost civilization.

In this particular monogram, the Greek letters 'ΠΥΡ' are apparent meaning FIRE in ancient Greek.

Sterling Siver Band Ring with Byzantine Monogram



Left to right: approx. 2 cm ( 0.75 in.)

Top to bottom: approx. 1.5 cm ( 0.6 in.)

Data sheet
Article groupRings
GenderFor Him or Her
DepictionByzantine monogram
Historic PeriodEra: Byzantine
MaterialSolid Sterling Silver
Ring facet height15 mm (19⁄32in)
Ring facet width20 mm (25⁄32in)
Ring band width4 mm (05⁄32in)
Ring sizeCustom size options available

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204 Sterling Silver band Ring with Byzantine ΠΥΡ Monogram

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