194 Pegasus Roman intaglio signet (seal) ring

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The ring is a beautiful intaglio made from a generous amount of sterling silver and has a genuine and heavy feel to it (unlike most contemporary machine made articles made from silver 'slices') It is made from artisans specialized in museum reproductions. As it is  hand made, small variations may occur from one item to another.

Pegasus signet intaglio ring, roman jewellery

The signet ring features Pegasus the magical winged horse from Greek mythology.


Pegasus was a mythical creature borrowed by the Romans from the greeks like many other gods and myths. The original intaglio carving from which this fine carving from sterling silver today was created was 1st Century BC. Roman. The Unicorn, is also a similar mythical and magical winged horse based on and adapted from Pegasus.

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Article groupRings
GenderFor Him or Her
Historic PeriodEra: Roman
MaterialSolid Sterling Silver

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194 Pegasus Roman intaglio signet (seal) ring

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