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1066 Silver Ram torc Bracelet


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Silver Ram torc Bracelet

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Beautifully crafted with vivid detail.

100% hand made with hand-drawn silver piping (using the same crafting techniques that our ancestors used hundreds of years ago)

Sterling silver (925) with a fine finish.


This item comes in one size to fit regular female wrists (approx 17 cm perimeter)

Our hand-made spring hinge is used to expand temporarily to wear without distorting the shape of the bracelet.

One of the items our workshop is world renown for vivid detail, astonishing quality of manufacture and old-school craftsmanship.

Completely hand made. Spring-hinge mechanism ensures rigidity through long term use and that there is no distortion of the collar's shape over time.




Old-school silver items like these are rarely made in this day and age and where available cost fortunes. So take this opportunity to obtain such a fine piece of art directly from us, the only source in the world where such quality torcs have been made for the last 75 years!



The significance of the ram in antiquity
The ram was sacred in various entwined ancient civilizations, from as far back as the Mesopotamian civilization (approx 3000 BC),  to the Etruscan, Egyptian and Greek civilizations. Furthermore the peace-loving and quite mystical Minoans also revered it as an all important symbol of fertility.
Additionally, the ram was seen as the incarnation of the Egyptian god Jupiter-Ammon. When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt he visited the shrine of Ammon (or Amun). Embracing the god, upon and after his visit, he dressed himself with the skin of a  ream and the horns as a head-dress. Thereafter the horns of the ram (known as the horn of ammon) were depicted much like a crown in Alexander's portraits and depictions on Alexander's coinage (for more specimens of Alexander coinage see the Alexander and Lysimachos coins in our collection)

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Data sheet
Article groupBracelets
GenderFor Her
Historic PeriodEra: Hellenistic
MaterialSolid Sterling Silver
Body profileSilver piping (hand made) 5mm thick
Bracelet fitStandard female. 15 cm - 17 cm wrist (5 &15/16 inches - 6 & 11/16 inches) - Fits most ladies

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1066 Silver Ram torc Bracelet

Silver Ram torc Bracelet

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