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  • Coin Pendants
    Coin Pendants

    Express your unique character with a coin pendant inspired from antiquity and beyond from our vast selection. Wearing coins as pendants or medallions is not something new. In fact Greek coins were worn as adornment in classical ancient Greece. Ancient coins were from precious metals and carved with true skill and craftsmanship by the best sculptors of the time to comprise valuable miniature works of art.

    Greek Jewelry Shop's fine selection of coins have been reproduced and finished with a high quality of craftsmanship and have vivid detail unlike most knock-off coin pendants on the market. Their actual prototypes come from some of the finest artifact coins found in museums.

    Depicted on ancient silver and gold coinage were mighty kings (such as Alexander the Great) or characters from mythology, (such as the Goddess Athena, Pegasus or the owl of wisdom). Apart from their financial value, coins in the ancient world also symbolize the values and ideals of the region and period and were therefore partly conceived as jewels.

  • Ancient Symbol Pendants
    Ancient Symbol Pendants

    Our superior quality jewelry has been preferred steadily by collectors worldwide and also by a great range of enthusiasts, ranging from travellers, historians, coin collectors, classicists. Finally and proudly over the years, a number of heads of state have purchased our items on official visits to Greece. After 80 years of specializing in the sector, we are proud to present an array of museum quality reproduction pieces which our family's forefathers have pioneered for over 4 generations of commitment.

    It is perhaps of special note to point out that even though a number of these items may today have become 'familiar' jewelry designs, most of these pieces are the actual original designs which benchmarked the discovery of ancient inspired themes for the first time, and which have since become generic in the field, shaping the direction of the Hellenic jewelry sector. We are proud to honor our forefathers dedication and passion for these very items as jewelry forms by continuing to set the benchmark in Greece regarding their quality of manufacture.

  • Sacred animal torc pendants
    Sacred animal torc pendants

    The most prominent animal torcs from ancient Greece are the Lion, the Ram, the Capricorn and the Snake found mainly from the Classical and Hellenistic periods. These animals are all entwined with Greek mythology and were adored by both gods and mortals. Our high quality and vividly detailed animal torc pendants collection has been offered to jewelry appreciators and collectors worldwide since 1928. Our jewellery is lovingly crafted in our own Athens based workshop from sterling silver and gold and is available at world-class museum gift shops and boutiques in Europe and America. 

  • Chords & Accessories
    Chords & Accessories

    Chords have been placed on this site as a practical accessory which we recommend for the convenience of our customers purchasing our jewelry. We do not manufacture them ourselves, yet we stock and offer them at the manufacturers wholesale cost price to assist our customers. Chords are supplied as a service towards our customers, we do not supply them alone. Chords ship free of charge (combined shipping) when combined with items of jewelry.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 222 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 222 items

Browse our extensive ancient Greek pendant collection. Greek Jewelry Shop offers hundreds of styles of coin pendants, ancient symbol pendants and animal pendants made to the highest standards of quality from our 1928 established workshop. Browse by theme or use our left-hand filters to pin point the unique articles that embody your own style and philosophy.


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