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  • Band rings
    Band rings

    If you're inspired by the ancient myths and the beauty of artifacts, you will love our ancient band ring collection! Find the band-ring that brings the Greek god out in you with your own style from our large selection. Band rings are easy to wear all the time. They have a shank that goes round the finger with the same thickness all around. The fit of a band ring in sizing terms is very much like a wedding ring. Even if it contains a motif in the front, this normally doesn't affect the tightness or fit. Our band-rings are hand-made to size in our Athens workshop upon order in a few days. There's a vast selection of sizes and half-sizes (for US sizing) to choose from for everyone within this type of Greek rings. Find rings in almost any size in this category!

  • Chevalier style rings
    Chevalier style rings

    The term Chevalier literally means 'Knight' or horseman in French originating from the word 'cheval' (horse). Men of this order of chivalry, as well as royals and other nobles commonly wore rings carrying their insignia or coat of arms as an engraving (intaglio) or as a relief carving. The shape of the signet ring was usually graduated from narrow at the back of the shank to wide at the front. Numerous customs and traditions exist worldwide for chevalier rings. For example, it was once considered proper for British aristocracy to wear chevaliers on their left pinky-finger (hence they're also sometimes called pinky rings). Some of the oldest and most artful chevalier rings however historically are ancient Greek, carrying coins and carvings that with the beauty and wisdom of the ancient world.

    Our rings are custom sized free of charge after your order within just a few days, to a large number of sizes and half-sizes. The size options for each ring can be selected within the product page.

  • Wrap rings
    Wrap rings

    Among most excavated jewelry from Greece, troy and the Hellenistic world, when one comes across ancient rings, they are very likely to be open-ended 'wrap rings'. The ancients found beautiful ways to decorate both open ends, often with animals heads (lions, rams, etc) and tails or with precious gems and stones. The sizing advantage however of an open ring was very likely the same then as it is now! Open ended rings offer the wearer the ability to adjust size and fine tune the ring on your finger. There is therefore usually some flexibility between sizes with such rings. We advise that you read the data sheet on each ring to check the size adjustable variance before ordering just to make sure. 

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Showing 1 - 20 of 92 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 92 items

Crafted meticulously by skilled artisans, our rings are intended to be enjoyed for a life-time. Our unique designs of ancient artifacts are inspired by classical rhythms in jewellery and have been preferred by customers worldwide for over 80 years! Find ancient Greek coin rings, seal (intaglio) rings, animal torc rings and more! You will be thrilled by the beauty and all-round quality of our fine pieces in this collection!


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