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 Shop items are listed by item number in numerical order. Further options exist in the entire catalog of rings made by our workshop. If you're interested in an item that you can't see in this list, just feel free to email us with the item number and we'll activate it for you for ordering (usually within 24 hours). You can use the dropdown menus in every item to see all sizing options. Our ring size chart provides useful size conversions if you are unsure of your size. Custom sizing is free for all of our silver rings.



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Crafted meticulously by skilled artisans, our rings are intended to be enjoyed for a life-time. Our unique designs of ancient artifacts are inspired by classical rhythms in jewellery and have been preferred by customers worldwide for over 80 years! Find Coin rings, seal (intaglio) rings, animal torc rings and more! You will be thrilled by the beauty and all-round quality of our fine pieces in this collection!

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34 Double headed Sterling Silver Ancient ram torc ring


35 Sterling silver Double-coiled Minoan snake ring

Orig.: $92.80
Sale: $70.80

36 Sterling ancient Ram torc reproduction ring


36/K Sterling Silver Capricorn Torc Ring


37 Sterling Silver Lion torc ring


37/A Double headed lion torc ring - MENS sizing

Orig.: $86.50
Sale: $78.00

38/B Lion's head torc ring


38/BD Silver Double Headed Lion Torc Ring


39 Large sterling silver dolphin torc ring


74 Large sterling silver lion torc ring


75 Sterling Silver Horse sculpture figurine ring


182 Athena intaglio (seal) Ring


185 Owl of Wisdom sterling silver band ring

Orig.: $81.60
Sale: $70.80

185/B Owl of Wisdom Sterling Silver Band Ring


186 Owl of Wisdom intaglio (seal) ring


190 Minoan prince Knossos palace fresco (mural) band ring


194 Pegasus Roman intaglio signet (seal) ring


196/DA Griffin(Griffon) or Sphynx intaglio (seal) Ring


200 Sterling silver Bull or Minotaur ring


202 Sterling Siver Band Ring with Byzantine Monogram


203 Sterling Silver Band Ring with Byzantine Monogram


204 Sterling Silver Band Ring with Byzantine Monogram


265/S Sterling silver Minoan snake ring


266 Minoan coiled snake ring


275/DA Apollo God of music silver band ring


300/A Silver Head and Tail Minoan Dolphin Ring (M)


300/AA Silver Head & Tail Minoan Dolphin Ring (L)


309/DA Archaic Athena sterling silver band ring


409/DA Minotaur roman intaglio seal (signet) ring


410/DA Phestos/Festos disc sterling silver band ring


507/N Impressive Lapis Lazuli Silver Ring


507/NS Impressive Solid Silver Ring


614/DA Macedonian sun/starburst band ring


642 Contemporary Snake-like ring


656 Ancient Greek Mermaid intaglio (seal) ring


657 Herakles/Hercules Alexander the Great lifetime coin ring


687 Alexander the Great (Lysimachus) coin ring


658 Helmetted Athena (Alexander stater) band ring


658/A Helmetted Athena sterling silver band ring


1086 Alexander the Great (Lysimachos) coin ring


1100 Owl Of Wisdom chevalier coin ring (M)


1101 Alexander the great chevalier coin ring M


1102 Herakles/Hercules Alexander the Great lifetime chevalier coin ring (M)


1104 Helmetted Athena sterling silver chevalier coin ring (M)


1105 Chalkidian League God Apollo chevalier coin ring (M)


1106 Silver Aphrodite (Venus) graduated coin ring M


1107 Rhodes island- Helios ancient sun god chevalier coin ring (M)


1108 Pegasi/Pegasus silver chevalier coin ring (M)


1109 Small Aegina Land Tortoise chevalier coin ring (M)


1110 Goddess Athena chevalier coin ring (M)


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Featured items:

owl of athena, owl of wisdom coin ring. Silver greek jewelry, item #185

Above: Owl of Wisdom coin Ring (featuring the face of the Athenian tetradrachm coin). Sterling silver band ring (Item #185)




Minoan bull ring, hellenic jewellery


Above: Minoan bull/ minotaur ring (Item #200)




Owl of athena intaglio band ring


Above: Athena's wise owl, sterling silver intaglio seal band ring (Item #186)


greek chevalier type coin ring, sterling silver, apollo item #1132


Above: Largest  chevalier type Apollo coin ring (Item #1132)


Cretan jewellery, minoan minotaur, bull intaglio ring (Item #409/DA)


Above: Minotaur intaglio (seal) ring (Item #409/DA)




minoan prince intaglio seal ring, Silber alten Tief-Ring-Dichtung, Minoan Schmuck


Above: Minoan fresco/mural prince. Sterling silver intaglio ring (Item #190)




pegasus intaglio ring, argenterie ancienne sceau en creux anneau, Minoan bijoux


Above: Pegasus. Sterling silver intaglio ring (Item #194)





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Item show-cases:

alexander ring, ancient jewellery



Helmetted goddess athena coin ring (Item #658)


Above: Athena, Goddess of Wisdom in Corinthian Helmet (Item #658)


Alexander the Great coin ring Lysimachos sterling silver with horn of amon. Greek Jewelry shop (Item #687)

 alexander the great silver coin ring

Alexander the Great band ring from Lysimachos coin (Item #687)





Item show-case:

Lion torc ring Greek jewelry, sterling silver





Close ups:

Due to the large number of items offered by our workshop, not all pieces have been photographed individually at multiple angles. Here are just a few items featured in more detail that display the quality of work, possibly not visible in the rings catalog photos.


alexander the great coin ring sterling silver greek jewelry item #1112

Above: Alexander the Great reproduction chevalier coin ring sterling silver (#1101)


Pegasus ring, sterling silver greek jewelry from Greece #1108

Above: Pegasus coin ring sterling silver (Item #1108)

greek owl of widom silver coin ring #1130


Above: Wise owl from Athenian tetradrachm coin, Large chevalier coin ring (Item #1130)

Dionysus bacchus (dionysos, bachus), naxian coin ring #1129/B


Above: Greek god Dionysus bachus from Naxos coin, Large chevalier coin ring (item #1129/B. It the reverse face of the coin featured below in the group catalog photo as #1129)



Catalog views

Entire workshop catalog of ancient Greek rings  larger view >>

coin rings authentic Greek jewelry, jewellery from Greek, vaphiadis wholesalers distributors




Ancient greek rings, intaglio rings sterling silver, wise owl rings, sterling silver rings



Greek, byzantine and minoan rings 4


Greek jewelry/ Rings


Greek jewellery/ Rings 2, Coin jewelry, ancient coin reptoductions, coin rings


Greek jewelry / Jewelry from Greece / Rings 3


You can now view even more hand-made greek, roman and other rings amongst our sets category!



* Please note that for the purpose of coin jewelry, coin sizes and in order to offer size options, weights have been adapted from original coin  denominations (eg. tetradrachm, didrachm)


**Coins are reproduction coins are hand-made in our work-shop from sterling silver. We do not deal, trade or associate ourselves with the trade of authentic ancient coins. If you are interested in original ancient coins, please first be advized that it is strictly against the law to purchase and export ancient artifacts from Greece.

***Some items (in photos) contain irregular Greek characters.
The following is a list of Greek characters and their replacements in the description list;

'Γ' is 'C', 'Θ' is'TH', 'Δ' is 'D'

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